How to publish


General information

SPH prefers exclusive submissions. The Editorial Board agrees to review submissions on the understanding that they have been submitted solely to this publishing hub, and are not simultaneously under consideration by another publishing house. SPH is committed to maintaining a consistent and clear ‘house style’. To this end, all final submissions are to be prepared in line with the SPH’s General Guidelines for Publication. Please see the sections below for further details. SPH regret that submissions that do not follow these procedures cannot be considered.
Authors are requested to submit their work electronically only (via e-mail). All submissions should be sent to the Editor in Chief at Receipt of a submission is acknowledged by email within 1 week.
Types of Submission

SPH welcomes the following types of contribution: (1) research monographs, (2) edited volumes, (3) full papers/chapters for edited volumes, (4) scholarly books/textbooks/workbooks, (5) reviews of books not more than three years old, (6) research reports.

Open Access

All accepted submissions are published online, free of charge and are freely available to the wider public to read and download with permitted reuse, which is defined by your choice of one of the following Creative Commons user licenses:
1. Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY),
2. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA),
3. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND).

For detailed information please visit:

Peer Review Policy

SPH aims to complete the reviewing process as promptly as possible. All submissions undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process, ensuring anonymity for both the authors and referees.

Therefore, please ensure that your submission is properly prepared for the blind review as well as in case of a revision and resubmission, i.e. without any indications of authorship, address or affiliation anywhere in the text, including references to yourself or to your (earlier) work. Such references can be added later.

A separate title page cover sheet should thus be included with the names of authors, their affiliation(s) and contact details and sent as an attachment.

Ethics and ethical guidelines

For information on ethics and ethical guidelines for SPH see (forthcoming)


Texts should be written in impeccable English (standard American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). English language or editing support is not provided. Therefore, it is authors’ own responsibility to submit their final work in correct English.


When preparing your work, please use the SPH guidelines (see below).
Please note, that all correspondence, including notification of the Editor’s decision and potential revision requests, takes place by e-mail only.


Authors, who are requested by the Editor to revise the text, should submit the revised version within specified time scale, as agreed by both parties. Please note that after this period, your work will be treated as a new submission.


Manuscripts submitted for initial consideration and possible revisions should follow the general guidelines:

· Texts are accepted only in English. Either British or US English is acceptable (not a mixture of these). Please, use the ‘spell-check’ and ‘grammar-check’ functions to avoid unnecessary errors.
· Discriminatory language must be avoided. Gender neutral terminology is required, and where necessary expressions such as he/she, his/her, he or she, his and her should be used; also the terms ‘they’ or ‘their’ can be employed in their gender neutral singular sense.
· Prior to submission, texts should be proof-read and copy edited by an English language native speaker. Should otherwise acceptable work submitted not meet the necessary standards, professional attention will be necessary prior to resubmission.

Reproduction of Copyright Material

It is authors’ responsibility to secure any necessary permission to reproduce any proprietary text, illustration, table, or other material. The reproduction of short extracts of text for the purposes of criticism and within conventions for academic fair dealing may be acceptable without formal permission on the basis that the quotation is reproduced accurately and full attribution is given. Responsibility in all cases, however, remains with the author.


The review stage consists of two stages. In the first stage the managing editors determine whether the submission is passed on to the editorial board. No detailed feedback will be provided for submissions that do not pass this initial stage.

Submission checklist

Prior to submitting your work for review, please make sure that you have provided the following information and carried out the following activities:

  • The corresponding author with contact details has been designated: e-mail address, full postal address, and phone numbers.
  • All necessary files have been submitted for review.
  • The submission has been proof-read and copy-edited.
  • References are in line with the SPH requirements.
  • All references cited in the text are mentioned in the reference list, and vice versa.
  • Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material (including the Web).

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