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Veselin Draskovic, Radislav Jovovic, Mimo Draskovic and Borut Jereb



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Knowledge – keystone of the modern economy

Veselin Draskovic, Radislav Jovovic, Mimo Draskovic and Borut Jereb

About the book

Over the past 15 years, issues related to knowledge and knowledge management in companies and academic and research spheres have gained on importance. Knowledge is seen as an endless resource, a key element of innovations, competitiveness, economic growth and sustainable development.
The  present  volume  examines  theoretical  and methodological concepts of knowledge management, the knowledge society and the new economy. Drawing on the  idea  of the knowledge paradigm the growing importance and the role of
knowledge   in   the   society,  which  depend  on  numerous  institutional prerequisites,  is emphasized. Moreover, attention is drawn to the need for implementing  and  spreading  the  knowledge,  as  a  multidimensional  and multidisciplinary notion, efficiently as well as to the need for a critical evaluation of the so called imaginary knowledge.
The  authors  thus  emphasize  the  need  for  the  criteria of grading and knowledge  transfer  to  be  at  the  highest  possible level. The field of knowledge   leaves   no   place   for   improvisation,   imperfection,  and manipulation.  This  is the only ‘recipe’ for a successful future and a way out of any crisis.

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